Hey there!
I'm a UX designer who designs meaningful products for users.

User Experience & Industrial Design
A fully functioning physical and digital solution for ride-share drivers who have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Graphic Design & Branding
Museum exhibit deliverables centered around wildfires in the US.
Freelance Projects
Industrial, User Experience, Graphic, Furniture Design
Ongoing projects or projects which don't pertain to my profession.
User Experience & Industrial Design
A digital and physical IoT product that seeks to reduce food waste by preventing it in the first place.

My (professional) 

Of course you can always find this information on my resume (on the top of every page on this website), but here's some of my most recent and/or notable experience.

InFLUX Podcast
12/18/2020 --- Present
Gulfstream Shop Monitor
Savannnah College of Art & Design
8/1/2020 --- Present
Workstations VR Team
HP Inc.
7/2018 --- 08/2018
Workstations NPI Intern
HP Inc.
6/2017 --- 8/10/2018