Freelance Projects
To me designers should never be limited to one discipline if they are interested in other design disciplines. I have learned so much about my own design methods, through working in other design fields. Graphic design informs my work in User Experience design, while Furniture design informs and inspires my Industrial design. Freelance projects are an expression of a designer having fun and I hope you have fun looking through my projects below.
JUN Chair
Furniture Design
Commissioned Piece
Up to date, I had never created any furniture before, but was active woodworking and loving furniture design. So I decided to take a shot during the summer, and see what I could create. I wanted a chair that was perfect for my desk setup, but also multifunctional, working as a dining chair, lounge chair or really any type of low backed chair. This is considered a prototype as commissions have come in to create a more polished version!
The Hovercraft
Industrial Design
Collaborative Experience
The design inspired from a school Industrial Design competition named Hardcore Foamcore. This project started in 2019 and is nearing completion at the end of 2021. I came on to the project to help with the final design and assembly of the hovercraft. This project is still under construction and will have the last pictures uploaded shortly!
UTE Bench
Furniture Design
Commissioned Piece
Designed and commissioned for a young couple who recently adopted kittens, the Ute Bench seeks to hide messy (stinky) litterboxes, and boast a multi-functioning bench. A Ute is a utility vehicle, and this bench plays the part with it's dynamic use cases.
More work!
Furniture, Industrial, User Experience, Graphic Design and more...
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