The Hovercraft
A journey in outlandish and functional transporation design.
Project Overview
The design inspired from a school Industrial Design competition named Hardcore Foamcore. This project started in 2019 and is nearing completion at the end of 2021. I came on to the project to help with the final design and assembly of the hovercraft. This project is still under construction and will have the last pictures uploaded shortly!
My Contributions
I came onto the project during the third quarter of development, this meant we were in charge of getting the form to it's final stage before sending it off to paint by a professional company. I did tons of body work and structural components.
My Roles
Industrial Design
Physical Prototyper
Team Members
An entire class of students
Professor William Woods
The Hovercraft itself
10 weeks
01/2020 - 03/2020
The Problem
We had just 10 weeks to develop the hovercraft from it's footprint, all the way to the final form of the hovercraft, ready to be sent off and be painted. This meant tons of body work and visualizations for the hovercraft, since the design was inspired by a previous project, but was not fully fleshed out. We did tons of fabrication, prototyping and more.
This is an Ongoing Project
The hovercraft was recently finished, however, the big photo shoot has yet to take place. When those photos become available to me they will be hosted on this page!
Reflecting on the project
This was one of the best classes I took at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The time requirements for the class were immense, but the ability to pace yourself was great. Our professor had us all take on responsibilities, however, it was up to us to pace that responsibility. This meant I learned more about how to work physically with a large group of people, and how to communicate deadlines in order to get the final product done on time.
This is still an ongoing project, and I think looking back on my time on the project, I wish I had a lighter schedule during this class. I was in three studio classes which all demanded immense amount of times. On top of that, I was doing a 7 day design challenge called "Startup" as an extra curricular, and working a 20 hour job. So if I were to rewind time, I would have chosen to take one less studio and perhaps do a lecture in order to dedicate more of my free time outside of class, to the hovercraft. Today the project is just about finished and I am awaiting some amazing photos and videos of the final product (painted and with a digital dash), then I will make sure to update this page with those assets!